Creative couches for KIDS

introducing the play pod

South Africa's first modular couch for kids

Why you and your kids will love it

Great for imaginative and pretend play.

Possibilities and configurations are endless.

Perfect movie bed for sleepovers.

Suitable for any age.

Additional health benefits

Builds core strength and increases balance.

Increases attention, team work and communication.

Stimulates your child’s vestibular sense (movement sense).

Increases proprioceptive input (sensory input).

Perfect for baby’s tummy time.

Develops shoulder strength and stability.

Fits into your life style

Frees up your furniture from the ‘Fort Building’.

Compact enough to fit neatly in a corner when stacked up.

Ideal for smaller living spaces.

Modern and clean design.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa.


what some of our customers have to say

Amazing Playpod! If you’re looking for something to keep your young kids entertained for hours, then the amazing Playpod is the thing for you. My twin boys spent hours with the pod, having loads of fun. This interchangeable couch is so entertaining and let’s your child’s imagination (and your imagination for that fact) run wild as you build forts, spaceships, boats, cars – you name it. It is safe, fun and easy to use. It also allows your child to use their gross motor skills when building and climbing over the pod (which is extremely important during early childhood development).
Brian & Jess
(Parents to 11 month old twin boys)
There are so many things that I love about the PlayPod. First of all, with a little girl who is hugely driven by imaginative play, I love it’s versatility – it’s her carriage, her car, her house, her castle, her mountain, and the list goes on… I think she’ll be finding different things to do with it for ages. Similarly, I love that it’s really easy for her to use and drag around, often by herself at only three. Then, I love it’s comfort – I can laze around on it with my baby – using the bolsters for her to exercise and play on – or lay it in front of the telly as a Christmas bed, and I’m comfortable and happy. And finally I love that it just looks good – it’s made well, the fabric is luxe, so it just looks like a beautiful part of our house. It is such a wonderful product.
(Mom to 3 year old and 3 month old girls)